Letters: U.S. is still alive and kicking

We may not be a soccer/futbol country, but this World Cup has united the United States.

Alan Matis

Sherman Oaks


Amazing. Two Saturdays into the World Cup and the only letters last week were from hockey fans knocking soccer. One poor fellow felt the World Cup was being forced down his throat.

Perhaps they're hearing footsteps, because hockey's status as the so-called fourth major team sport in the U.S. is in serious trouble. The number of soccer participants in this country has been estimated at between 13 million and 18 million; hockey is at just more than a half-million registered players.

Don't feel too bad, fellas. In Canada, the number of registered soccer players shot passed the number of registered hockey players several years ago.

Donn Risolo



It's always disappointing to read negative letters to the editor regarding a game that is followed and played with great passion in every country around the world, especially during the World Cup. How many negative letters has The Times posted about baseball, hockey, basketball or football? I could comment on how boring it is to watch a baseball game (yawn), or American football that has just about 12 minutes of action and takes 31/2 hours to play a 60-minute game with commercial after commercial. Why not keep negative thoughts inside and let those of us enjoy our sport, just as you enjoy yours?

Barry Ulrich

Ozark, Mo.


Viewing the uninterrupted World Cup has been a pleasure, but soccer will never be big time in the United States. Big time meaning the billions of dollars the advertisers pay, for example, for NFL games, which devote most of the three-hour telecasts to advertising.

The question is, what network is willing to give us big-time soccer on a small-time budget when there is little time to sell beer and digestion pills?

Ken Johnson

Piñon Hills


You want a reason to watch the World Cup? Tune in for the playing of the national anthem at the beginning. You'll hear it played the way it should be played — with strength and pace, stirring something inside that makes you be proud to be an American. Oh, yes, and with 20,000 Americans singing their lungs out you'll be tempted to join in. Feel free to!