Athletic Directors from area high schools discuss realignment and its challenges for the coming year.

DP: What do the Single-A people like about it?

Barner: It was about their travel.

Peters: Plus, they get more of a chance to get a state championship. Their smaller schools can have a state championship.

Bennett: They sold it because they piloted it in football. And obviously in Single-A football, if you pilot it that way, it generates revenue. Now, all of a sudden, Single-A sees revenue, which they don't see very much of. So that kind of sold that whole group.

Barner: Nobody had time to think. The executive committee did it, they voted, they brought it to us. You had a 20-minute time to debate it and vote. They wanted to fix travel up for teams in the western part of the state. Now, they've messed it up for the majority.

Peters: The superintendent from the Eastern Region is from Chesapeake city schools. He represented the Eastern Region for Triple-A schools and he would go up there and vote no. These other superintendents from other parts of the state … Ken Tilley sold them, so we're gonna vote for it.

Peters: Newport News Hampton, we could have three state champions in football. York County could have, what two state champions in football? That sold a lot of these other school districts. We can have state championships with this new format without thinking what "will it cost me?" ….

Future of PD and BRD

DP: Realistically, when conference tournaments start, how long do you see the Peninsula and Bay Rivers districts lasting?

Barner: I see this cycle and next (four years).

Peters: I'd say in five years the (Peninsula) district's going to be gone.

Martin: I think two. Your coaches are already wondering why are we (playing in the district). It means nothing. It has nothing to do with postseason. Why can't I just open my schedule?

Bennett: I have a problem with that and I've fought in our district and will continue until I go down dying, because, if that happens, some schools are going to go out of business. Therefore you're going to lose members in the Virginia High School League.

DP: This year, are you still going to recognize a Peninsula District and Bay Rivers District champion?

Barner: Just regular season (in the Bay Rivers District).

Peters: We're not (in the Peninsula District).

DP: Will you select all-district teams?

Peters: We are not selecting an all-district teams (Peninsula District).

Bennett: There are no more all-district teams (Bay Rivers District).

Dwayne Peters mentioned that there will be all-conference teams. He immediately pointed out the absurdity of this in a six-team conference (Conference 17) in which there are three Peninsula District and three Southeastern District schools, none of which are scheduled to play one another in football.