Think the Lakers should let Dwight Howard go? Think again

Fans are upset with Howard over Lakers' wasted season, and his ejection in final game. But he's still the best option to build around. Re-signing him is essential.

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We have a major difference of opinion.

And I understand why you are wrong.

You began the season thinking, and being told by the media, the Lakers were going to be great because they had so much talent.

You didn't get it in the first five games, so Mike Brown was dismissed as coach.

Then you heard they were talking to Phil Jackson only to hear Mike D'Antoni announced as new coach.

You're not used to being so disappointed by Lakers management. You might have to adjust your thinking.

D'Antoni limped into town and told everyone he can always go play golf if things don't work out. It's probably not a good sign when you care more about the Lakers than the coach does.

You were told, just wait until Steve Nash gets healthy. You're no different from anyone else who doesn't like to be misled.

You might remember how much Pau Gasol changed the Lakers' fortunes a few years ago. The new coach did not give a rip.

You respect Kobe Bryant for his work ethic. You listen to what Kobe has to say. And there was more talk about Dwight Howard's smile holding him back than the time needed to recover from back surgery.

And you bought it.

You are spoiled as Lakers fans. I mentioned that to sports talk radio host Pat O'Brien on Monday, and it got me to thinking. Wasn't there a guy who used to be on TV decades ago with the same name?

Does anyone know if he's still alive?

Anyway, when the Lakers started to win again you had to be thinking they would somehow contend.

Magic Johnson, after counting the Lakers out, said they would be really dangerous if they made the playoffs.

You thought it was important they earn the seventh seed so they could beat the beatable Spurs.

D'Antoni allowed Kobe to dictate how much he played. You knew it was crazy, but you deemed Kobe heroic for playing so many minutes.

You were surprised when he got hurt.

The Lakers were done, and yet you still couldn't talk about anything else other than the Lakers and their chances for success.

Now that it is over, everyone is mad because Howard abandoned the team.

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