It's unanimous: Lakers' selection of Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson is wrong

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Maybe D'Antoni makes the regular season worth watching again, but is there any argument who is better suited to coaching in the playoffs?

And aren't the Lakers all about championships?

I'm all about entertainment and so D'Antoni would be my guy — if Jackson weren't available.

How does anyone get past 11 rings to pick the guy who has yet to be sized for one?

I grew to admire Jackson, and although he's certainly an oddball, he's the very best coach the game has known.

So why rush to hire D'Antoni?

The Lakers gave Jackson the weekend to feel his own pulse. So why are they doing a deal with D'Antoni at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday before scheduling to meet again with Jackson?

Were the Lakers afraid an unemployed D'Antoni might get a better offer elsewhere in the morning?

He's still on crutches after knee-replacement surgery.

D'Antoni might turn out to be just great, but it's a gamble. The Lakers said they didn't want to hang in there any longer with Brown and gamble that things might get better.

Is there any more sure thing in the NBA than Jackson?

Maybe the Unanimous Three were scared off by demands they expected Jackson to make. There were reports he wanted between $10 million and $15 million a year to coach again.

Maybe the business decision to spend $12 million on D'Antoni for three years makes more sense to the Buss family than spending more than $20 million the next two on Jackson.

What's a championship worth?

Maybe the Unanimous Three have had their fill of the triangle and are looking for something more akin to Showtime.

Maybe they've had enough of Phil, so why tell everyone it's 95-5 and then flip-flop?

Is this the handiwork of Jim Buss? If so, then why are Jerry and Mitch making it unanimous? Doesn't one of them throw on the brakes and suggest waiting another day or two to talk to Phil some more?

If this is Jerry Buss pulling his weight, then I understand why we're being told it's unanimous.

But however you break down the Unanimous Three's final decision, the feeling here is Jackson has already proved himself.

And D'Antoni is just getting started.

A kind schedule awaits, giving D'Antoni a terrific running start and every chance to quell the "We want Phil" chants before they can get started again.

But if he's not leading the parade at the end of the season, the Unanimous Three have really got some explaining to do.

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