Arte Moreno

If Arte Moreno ever did decided to move the Angels out of Anaheim, where would the team go? (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / December 15, 2012)

After reading about Arte "I have the means to move the team elsewhere" Moreno and the lease negotiations with the city of Anaheim, it sure makes me glad I'm a Dodgers fan. It would seem the one angle Mr. Moreno has forgotten about is the fans. You know, the ones who give him 3-million-plus attendance every year, while all they've gotten from him is a lousy, overpriced team and lower beer prices 10 years ago.

There once was a time he was an owner to be admired, but now at least when it comes to Angel Red, maybe we are seeing his true colors.

David Parsons



If Arte Moreno can't make a deal with Anaheim to keep the Angels there, I bet the proposed stadium sites in the City of Industry and downtown L.A. would love to have him, especially since the NFL seems to now have little interest in either location.

Dan Rendant



So Angels management is undecided whether to fix up their old ballpark or build a new one.

Seems to me the same dilemma applies to the team.

Ron Reeve


Grand choice

In honor of the Grand Marshal, I propose that the 2014 Rose Parade be renamed The Vin Scully Marching and Chowder Society.

Mike Eberts

Los Angeles


I have just one question about the selection of Vin Scully as Rose Parade Grand Marshal: What took them so long?

Mike Barclay