Lane Kiffin

Not everyone is a fan of USC Coach Lane Kiffin. (Eugene Tanner / Associated Press / August 29, 2013)

It's hard to enjoy your favorite sports team when sportswriters take the joy out of it. For instance, take Bill Plaschke ... please. To diss Lane Kiffin and the Trojans in their first game of the season, a victory by the way, is just wrong, unless you're a Bruin.

Richard Karliss

West Hollywood


With a 23-5 lead and less than a minute to go, a coach with class would take a knee. Lane Kiffin went for another touchdown.

However, karma won out as Hawaii responded with its own score.

Pat Haden, you have an embarrassment on your hands

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village


The idea that Lane Kiffin did not decide weeks ago on who would be his starting quarterback is pure nonsense. Kiffin is scared to death that the guy he didn't name would transfer. The reality is that everyone knows that Max Browne is the heir apparent, and next year he will either start or will be the primary backup, leaving the backup guy this year as the third-stringer, and of course he will then transfer.

This charade once again tells us that Kiffin too will be gone next year.

Ralph S. Brax



Unapologetic Lane Kiffin sounds like Alfred E. Neuman: What, me worry? His is a coaching tenure marred by questionable decisions, and none more so than declining to name his starting QB by season's eve.

With the smug admission that he knew but stubbornly refused to reveal his "secret plan" — thereby doing a tremendous disservice to two principal players involved, their teammates, the media and fans — Kiffin likened it to spoiling a movie that hasn't been seen.

Quick, someone tell Pat Haden he's got a bomb on his hands and even by Hollywood standards this disaster flick never should have been green-lighted.

Steve Ross

New York