A serial sexter stays in New York's mayoral race. What's next?

Carlos Danger, er, Anthony Weiner just accelerated politics' downward spiral

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Sometime in the future, perhaps 10 years or so from now, candidates running for mayor of New York will look back on the Anthony Weiner saga and laugh and laugh.

Then they will each text photographs of their special purposes to perfect strangers. And voters will yawn.

You don't think so? Please think again.

The notion that our politics keeps sliding down that slippery slope isn't some random theory. It's now a measurable fact.

Just like the fact that I'm writing to you now not as John Kass, conservative/libertarian, but rather as "Raul Dynamite."

That's the name given to me by a WLS-AM 890 producer using the same name generator used by the creepy Weiner, who called himself "Carlos Danger" on his distasteful sex texts.

"And I'm Feliciana Evil," announced my co-host, Lauren Cohn.

Feliciana Evil is wicked indeed. A woman with the name of Feliciana Evil could easily be appointed secretary of state.

But what could a man with the name Raul Dynamite possibly do for a living?

Raul Dynamite sounds either like a bendable action figure, a porn star or a respected economist advocating vast increases in federal spending while raising the debt ceiling.

"Raul Dynamite? Nice," said a guy in advertising. "You've got to make dinner reservations in that name."

Or perhaps Raul Dynamite could be a New York mayoral candidate.

All I need is a pencil-thin mustache and a bolero hat, and I, too, could run for mayor of New York. But I won't.

Lost in the uproar over the latest chapter in the saga is what really happened to the loathsome Weiner and his city.

He left Congress in disgrace in 2011 after he was caught texting images of his nether regions to young women.

But rather than take a long walk into the woods alone — something most married men would at least have had the decency to contemplate back when we had a common understanding of dishonor — Weiner instead decided to run for mayor.

The man is a serial sexter running for mayor, and he didn't disappear after his first offense. What is remarkable is that only a few weeks ago, Weiner was on top in the mayoral race, a candidate of such brazen ego he had a certain appeal.

It's easy to forget that now that Weiner's virtual paramour, Sydney Leathers (yeah I thought it was a fake name too), has surfaced to discuss how she fell for his policy positions.

In an interview with a TV gossip show, Leathers said Weiner described himself as "an argumentative, perpetually horny middle-aged man. And that time I was like, 'Oh, no, you're not.' But, yes, he is."

And I'm like, oh, you're so right.

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