Obama's talking points miss point on VA scandal

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After keeping his mouth shut on that growing Veterans Affairs scandal for weeks, President Barack Obama finally acted.

Not with deeds. But with words.

The scandal involves reports of secret admissions lists, falsified data and some 40 veterans dying while waiting for treatment.

So Obama did what he does best. He talked.

He didn't fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. Firing Shinseki would suggest he was actually taking responsibility, rather than just talking about taking responsibility.

So instead Obama did his thing with words.

He's a talker, this President Windsock from Chicago, first leaning this way, then that, considering everything, lecturing, talking, talking, talking.

As he talks, remember what Republican and Democratic presidents have ignored for years: the obligation of the nation to the veterans who put their bodies in harm's way.

Over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, he'll talk some more. He'll talk of sacrifice and service.

But Obama told reporters Wednesday that if the allegations about the VA prove true, he won't put up with it anymore.

"It is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it, period," said the president, providing the proper sound bite.

He also said that he welcomed Congress getting involved, but added this:

"It is important that our veterans don't become another political football, especially when so many of them are receiving care right now," he said.

He dared lecture Congress about using veterans as political footballs? The president who closed national war memorials during the sequestration so he could use the anguish of aged veterans as a political weapon?

The man must be besotted by the sound of his own voice, since he forgot other words that belonged to him years ago, just as his messianic oratory began thrilling the hopium smokers in the media who carried him, uninspected and untested, to the White House.

He was Sen. Obama then, patting himself on the back as soldier politicians flocked to his candidacy and joined his cause.

"I'll be a president who ensures that America serves our men and women in uniform as well as they've served us, and that's why I'm proud to have the support of these veterans advising me on the issues facing our troops and veterans," Obama stated in a 2007 news release.

"After seven years of an administration that has stretched our military to the breaking point, ignored deplorable conditions at some VA hospitals, and neglected the planning and preparation necessary to care for our returning heroes, America's veterans deserve a president who will fight for them not just when it's easy or convenient, but every hour of every day for the next four years," Obama said.

Is that why you kept your mouth shut about the VA scandal for weeks until Wednesday?

Back in 2007, he was right about President George W. Bush. That Republican administration did stretch the military to the breaking point.

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