Kass: Source says WWII vet was shot 2 or more times with beanbag round

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Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass and Chicago Tribune reporter Jenniffer Weigel discuss the death of John Wrana. (Posted October 31, 2013)

How many times did Park Forest police blast 95-year-old John Wrana in the guts with a beanbag round fired from a riot shotgun?

Columnist John Kass reports that a source in the Cook County medical examiner’s office believes the wounds suggest two or more rounds were fired at Wrana, a frail World War II veteran killed in July during a confrontation at his assisted living facility.

“At least two (rounds) for sure,” said the source.

According to an outside forensic expert who was asked by the Tribune to look at the medical examiner’s report, there could have been as many as four beanbag rounds fired.

Chicago Tribune DigitalPlus members can read John Kass’ full column HERE

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