Heat choke is the feel-good story of the year (unless you're the Bulls)

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Thank you, Dwyane Wade. It’s good therapy for America that your over-celebrating Heat have nothing but regret and embarrassment today.

A country shot off fireworks to mark the death spiral of an arrogant bunch of guys who shot off their mouths better than they shot the basketball.

Thank you, LeBron James. A big group hug for the nation as you led your overexposed Heat to spectacular underachievement in choking away fourth quarters, especially at home, until you ultimately choked away the NBA title.

Miami’s “Big Three’’ celebrated the NBA title last July when all they had done was accept a ridiculous amount of money. They acted like they’d won the whole thing a month ago when all they had done was win half of what they bragged they’d win. But the best moment --- short of Dirk Nowitzki’s holding the “Big Two’’ of the Larry O’Brien and Bill Russell trophies --- came in Game 2 of the Finals when the Heat started dancing and celebrating and acting out, and then, oops, choked a massive lead at home.

Oh, and I almost forgot the jerk way that Wade and James mocked Nowitzki’s illness, then denied it, and who’s laughing now?

Say this for the Miami Hate: Nobody is better at celebrating when nothing has been accomplished.

The Heat said they weren’t brought together to win not just one NBA title, but 5, 6, 7. Hard to do when you gag in Games 4, 5 and 6.

To think, Wade wondered aloud why most of the country seemed to be rooting for the Mavericks.

Reality check, Dwyane. Hel-LO.

Speaking of that, James also said those taking joy in the Heat’s pantsing will have to get back to reality soon.

For Bulls fans, that should come now. Because the reality is, no matter how small the Heat’s biggest names played, this doesn’t make the Bulls any better. It doesn’t get them any closer to a title, and in fact, it might appear to leave them farther away.

Sure, the Heat’s failure might make them happy the way it has elated just about everyone else with a brain, but the championship series only seemed to exaggerate the Bulls’ weaknesses.

The Bulls still have only Derrick Rose to trust in the fourth quarter. The Heat had two guys worth almost $200 million, and they couldn’t get it done. Both of them are bigger than Rose, and one of them should always be available to come through, and, well, this is like rewriting the Bulls’ playoff obituary, isn’t it?

And then the team that exposed and exploited the Bulls’ weaknesses got whipped in the Finals. That changes things more than I thought.

The Bulls’  question isn’t: How did we lose to those guys?

No, the Bulls’ question is: How would we ever win a quarter from the Mavericks?

Look, the Heat were just as good defensively as the Bulls, and the Heat couldn’t stop Dallas’ long-range bombing and interior play. Connect the dots, people.

The Bulls would have no one to guard Nowitzki, same as Miami. But worse, the Bulls would face more offensive problems against the Mavericks than they did against the Heat, or at least as many third, fourth, fifth and six options.

Even while stopping Wade, the Bulls got clowned by James, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller, and even Mario Chalmers. Good luck thinking the Bulls would have an advantage facing Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, J.J. Barea, even DeShawn Stevenson and Jason Kidd.

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