Running coverage of the 2012 Chicago Marathon today.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon ran out of medals for about 1,300 participants who finished the course seven hours after it had begun. Marathon organizers said they were reaching out to all of those individuals to arrange to mail or ship them a medal, said Diane Wagner, a spokeswoman for Bank of America.

“We are ensuring that every runner who crossed the finish line will receive a medal to recognize their accomplishments, said Wagner.

The marathon will be donating clothing left behind at the marathon to Pacific Garden Rescue Mission. After it was over, runners rummaged through dozens of bags of clothing.

-- Naomi Nix


Runner suffers cardiac arrest during marathon

Officials with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon say one man suffered a cardiac arrest near the end of the race and nine others were also hospitalized.

Race medical director Dr. George Chiampas says the 47-year-old man was alert and talking on Sunday after being shocked twice. He declined to say where the runner was from and wasn't sure if the runner had a previous heart condition.

The runner suffered the cardiac arrest around the 21st mile.

Chiampas says at least nine other runners had also been taken by ambulance with injuries or ailments, although none were life-threatening.

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Marathoners look forward to 'long shower, lots of food'

1:17 p.m.

At the finish line of Sunday's Bank of America Chicago Marathon, runners walked with medals around their necks and beers in their hands. And they talked about running 26-plus miles on an October Sunday in Chicago.

For Abbey Breshears and Lisa Sudmeier, both 26, the Chicago marathon was not only a chance to challenge themselves athletically but also to reconnect with each other.

Both were on the track team at Washington College, where they often trained with each other. After graduating in 2008, they moved apart. Breshears lives in San Francisco, while Sudmeier lives in Madison, Wis. 

"We don't get to see each other enough," said Sudmeier.