Not in my opinion.

You are drafting a football team, and the first pick has to be a linebacker. Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher?

Ray, come on. Got to go with my hometown boy. Urlacher is sick, though. Unbelievable linebacker. He's pretty nasty on NFL Street, too.

Now that you have the eight, will you allow yourself any indulgences?

I'm going to try to redecorate my house. And I'd like to get a new car. I really like the Aston Martins.

Oprah. Saturday Night Live host coming up. VMAs. Amazing?

I really can't express how cool this stuff is. I talked on the phone with some really cool people. President Bush. Young Jeezy. Saturday Night Live is going to be interesting. I'm going to see if I have a funny side.

You were a little famous after Athens. How much greater is it now?

We had a guy chasing our car through New York City on foot, in the middle of New York traffic, trying to get a baseball signed. It's hysterical.

And if Chicago wins the 2016 Olympics, will you compete here?

Eight more years? There's no way I'll be here.