"He said to trust him that this would be done well before May," Schubert said of FINA's Cornel Marculescu, the organization's executive director. "He said that he hoped I would talk to Michael and assure him the issue would be settled."

Bowman revealed he had been tempted to have Phelps try a high-tech suit in practice.

But there is always the problem of putting the hand in the cookie jar.

"Just so I would know in my mind what the difference was," Bowman said. "But then I said, no, once he finds out, it might just create a conflict."

Schubert used the word "chaos" to describe the atmosphere at the meet.

"I had a girl come up to me today and say, 'I've just had it,' " he said. "Will you please go buy me this suit?' Running around like chickens with their heads cut off."

"It's reminiscent of this pool in 1994 and that was really when the biggest issue was made about drugs. Now the biggest issue is being made about [the] suit and saving our sport from not going in the wetsuit direction."

Making his mark
Michael Phelps set the 34th world record of his career Wednesday, one more than Mark Spitz had during his career. Here are the four individual world records Phelps currently owns:

100-meter butterfly: 50.22, July 9

200-meter butterfly: 1:51.51, Wednesday

200-meter IM: 1:54.23, Aug. 15, 2008

400-meter IM: 4:03.84, Aug. 10, 2008