Diving more deeply into the stripper-swimmer saga

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"I'm very funny about my food," Delegate Kirk said. "I don't want nobody to get sick. And you have to be very careful when caterers are cooking, because they precook everything. I had macaroni and ground beef together. I had baked chicken 'cause I didn't want fried. I had ham. I had potato salad, string beans, corn. I started cooking Thursday night."

Since the bride is a state lawmaker, there were lots of delegates and senators among the guests. Annapolis lobbyist Bruce Bereano, who never misses a party, was there. So were Bob and Kendel Ehrlich.

Delegate Kirk, a Democrat, is pals with the Republican ex-gov?

"He likes me 'cause I tell him off if he's wrong," she said. "When he was governor, and I didn't like what his staff said, I'd go upstairs and tell him what I thought, and he liked that."

And what about the current governor?

Kirk thought it best to leave Martin O'Malley off the guest list since Ehrlich was on it.

"If one's coming, I didn't need nobody looking at each other," she said. "Not on my day."

William Donald Schaefer was glad to get back home to the Charlestown retirement community last weekend, a few days after doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital inserted a pacemaker in his chest. And the ex-governor's cat, Willie IV, was glad to have him back.

"His cat, Willie, was very excited to see him," said longtime Schaefer aide Lainy LeBow-Sachs. "He was jumping all over the place, scratching his legs, biting his toes."

That might not sound like much of a welcome, but LeBow-Sachs assured me that Willie IV was scratching and biting in a good way.

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