Michael Phelps brings new look to 'America's family'

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Joe Steffen, ex-aide to former Gov. Bob Ehrlich, has launched a blog, darknessrising-steffen.blogspot.com.

"One time political hit man, hatchet man, muscle ... I'm back again with my own voice," he writes.

"Why am I back? To raise some hell, tweak some of the allegedly untweakable and, most importantly, to have some fun with politics and culture."

Steffen promises to be an "equal opportunity offender." He even celebrates the passage of slots, accomplished by the man Steffen once spread rumors about on the Internet. (He lost his state job in the process.)

Steffen said he'll mostly focus on current events, but he might offer some tidbits from his years as a political insider.

"I do expect there will be a Prince of Darkness Hall of Fame and certain people will be inducted."

Name's same; color's same
Mumbai's Cafe Leopold, already famous with backpackers and other tourists, became even more renowned for reopening soon after terrorist attacks in the Indian city. Its profile was raised so high that on the other side of the world, in Maryland, people who'd never before heard of the place were asking Anne Arundel County Exec John Leopold if he was somehow connected to the cafe.

Not as far as he knew, but Leopold decided to e-mail the cafe, offering congratulations for standing up to terrorists and inquiring about the name.

"Also, red is the Leopold color and I use it in my campaign material," he added because the color was prominent on the cafe's Web site.

To Leopold's surprise, he heard back.

Alas, the cafe is named for a Belgian king who is no relation to the county exec.

"And yes, red colour is the identity of leopold cafe and you may use it," wrote someone named Satya from the cafe. "Please do meet us next time whenever you are in Mumbai."

Leopold does not expect that to happen any time soon.

"With all my budget problems, I've curtailed all travel."
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