Offense, defense both fail Virginia Tech when it counted against Boise State

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Virginia Tech was five minutes from football history. All the offense had to do was close.

The Hokies were less than two minutes away from history. All the defense had to do was close.

Both failed.

Boise State drove 56 yards in 38 seconds for the winning touchdown to beat Tech 33-30 at FedEx Field in the season opener for both.

This the Broncos did without a timeout, an indictment of the Hokies' young defense and a credit to the nation's third-ranked team.

Trailing 17-0 after one quarter, the Hokies were on the brink of their greatest comeback in Frank Beamer's 24 seasons as coach. They were moments from defeating a top-five opponent away from home for the first time.

And no matter how ragged and inept they were in spots, especially on special teams, the Hokies were positioned to contend for their first national title.

The clock read 5:14. Tech led 30-26 and took possession at its own 7.

Could the Hokies close?

Champions do. So do legitimate contenders. This was Tech's chance. Grind it out. Hand the ball to Ryan Williams.

Keep Boise State's potent offense glued to the bench.

Three plays. Three Williams runs for 13 yards. Clock ticking inside 3:30.

Good start.

Tyrod Taylor to Jarrett Boykin. Another first down. Clock inside 2:30.

That same pitch-and-catch combination produced the go-ahead touchdown from 28 yards on a fourth-and-5.

But this final drive stalled at Tech's 33. As usual for the Hokies, the defense would have to close.

It couldn't as Kellen Moore threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Austin Pettis.

Talk about a buzzkill. The Hokies not only trailed 17-0 after a quarter but also looked like bigger frauds than Bernie Madoff.

Sure, Boise State is good. Probably much better than we East Coast snobs realize. But Tech was beating Tech, and no sequence embodied that malaise more than the Broncos' first punt.

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