Giving the masses what they want: Lakers hype

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But then I guess no matter how many times you write it, Lakers fans are going to get a thrill out of knowing how much it irritates the rest of the league.

"Sasha Vujacic is playing as if he belongs in the NBA," and I can see writing something like that 1,000 times as punishment for never thinking it possible.

"I wonder how good the Lakers will be when AndrewBynum returns," and although I could write that, who knows?

I could guess, and that would probably be all right with Lakers fans, if I suggested they will be even better.

"I wonder how good the Lakers will be when they get Trevor Ariza and Vladimir Radmanovic back," and although I could write that, who knows?

But then knowing Lakers fans, they wouldn't mind those question being asked every day, a different answer every day undoubtedly keeping their interest.

The only way, I guess, you can explain the success of the "Loose Cannons."

THE LAKERS win again, nine straight, and Stu Lantz is saying on TV, "Forget about the nine straight," and so then what am I supposed to write about?

"Just look at the next game," he says, and try writing a story that gets everyone excited about the 10-44 Miami Heat, which doesn't even have Shaq any more.

Back in the day when the Lakers were rolling like they are now, at least there was Shaq, Kobe and a soap opera to follow.

Now it's a love fest, and nothing but good news, and there's nothing more boring than good news and everyone loving everyone. I'm almost starting to look forward to another Dodgers season.

But it could be late June before any of us get to the Dodgers, the Lakers dominating everyone's attention, and fans wanting to read only what they already know -- that the Lakers are great.

I just can't imagine writing anything differently, although just for a change of pace, I might have to give it a try.

IF MONTEREY JAZZ wins Saturday's $1-million Santa Anita Big Cap, beating 13 other potential rivals, owner Brad Luster is going to take $5,000 from the winning purse and give it to the pediatric cancer ward at Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA.

Luster says everything is a go, he's excited, and can't wait for the big race, but who cares? He's not the one running.

SAM CASSELL brought so much to the Clippers, and although most folks don't even know or care whether the Clippers are playing these days, his loss would be just one more reminder the Clippers always seem to think starting over is a good idea. And how's that worked out?

TODAY'S LAST word comes in e-mail from Mike Kvammen: "Are you just incredibly lucky, or did you slip something into Carl Edwards' gas tank? What's next -- Salma knocking on your door with you home and the wife away?"

Excuse me, someone's at the front door.

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