Schilling reaffirms that he’s a jerk-of-all-trades

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"Do I ask information about you?" Jackson said.

"I don't make $10 million, but should."

"Should not," Jackson countered, and I know he's a friend of Sam Zell, the Times' new owner, so that's not what I wanted to hear.

"Let's not get in an argument," I said. "Isn't this supposed to be your time to make adjustments and show us some magic?"

"You're right," Jackson said.

"Does it start tonight? And if it doesn't, can we come after you?"

"You can ask for a rebate," Jackson said, which tells me there's every chance in the world the way the NBA is going these days he had already gotten the memo indicating who was going to win Game 3.

No way any coach offers a rebate otherwise.

NBA COMMISSIONER David Stern's response to allegations that previous NBA games have been fixed was misleading – as one might expect from a league lacking credibility.

Stern dismissed the allegations because they had previously been made to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney, which might be true, but they had not surfaced publicly before Tuesday.

He also said the charges had been deemed baseless, and all we have to do is take his word for it.

THE LAKERS are undefeated in Staples Center during the playoffs, but this building is nowhere near as loud or overwhelming as what the Lakers faced in Boston.

One of our bosses made the point the games in Boston start at 9 – giving the fans hours and hours to drink, while the fans in L.A. are going straight from work to the arena.

I asked our boss if allowances could be made to start drinking earlier in the day at work, figuring the bosses already have that rule in place given some of the decisions they make, but I guess he's not as big a Lakers fan as I am.

TODAY'S LAST word comes in e-mail from Ken McDaniel:

"You are going to eat your words before this series is over. Radmanovic is going to prove he has value to the Lakers. You're a hater."

Jackson played him three minutes in the second half; what does that make him?

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