Feel the passion, Lakers fans, as the moral victories pile up

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So bring on Oklahoma City, the Black Eyed Peas predicting "tonight's gonna be a good night," a real chance for the Lakers to make it three moral victories in a row.

The Thunder, as you might know, lost to the Washington Wizards this week, so it has already shown a willingness to play down to the competition.

And for all we know the Thunder might be no match for Earl-sanity, Clark going off for six points in the first quarter, and why is it D'Antoni doesn't know he has good players sitting on the bench until he's forced to play them?

The arena is dead, though, or maybe I'm just used to noise during a basketball game because I go to so many Clippers games.

But just wait until Gasol comes back, Buss saying he expects D'Antoni to play Gasol closer to the basket.

That sounded like the front office was telling D'Antoni how to coach, but when asked about it, D'Antoni said he came up with that on his own — after talking with the front office.

Question: Who is the worst coach hired by Jim Buss? Rudy Tomjanovich, Mike Brown or Mike D'Antoni?

Tough one, I know.

The Thunder, meanwhile, has jumped out to a 16-point halftime lead, and someone just emailed Magic's latest pronouncement on ESPN.

"It's over for my Lakers — no playoffs, no nothing."

Two days ago Magic had the guys playing with passion, and now two quarters later it's all over?

What happens if the Lakers beat Cleveland and then Milwaukee? Does Magic tweet the Lakers are back?

But then what happens if they lose to Miami on Thursday? Are they dead again?

I'm so confused. On the overhead scoreboard there's the height of optimism with the crowd being advised that "if the Lakers win and hold their opponent under 100 points" everyone gets two free tacos.

Right now there's 2:05 left in the third quarter and Oklahoma City is winning, 90-68.

As bleak as the taco outlook might be, I take heart in something Buss said.

"Why blow up something we have a future with?"

Yeah, next year will be so much better.

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