Jim and Shannon Mora make a difference in children's lives

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They have already done that. They did it in Atlanta, starting the Count on Me Family Foundation while Mora worked as the Falcons' head coach. The foundation work there continues.

They did it in Seattle when Mora served as the Seahawks' head coach. Mora left but the foundation is still making a difference in the community.

There is a continuing need for funding, the work continuing with Saturday's foundation launch in Los Angeles.

"Can't wait to see where you take the foundation next after Los Angeles," I cracked, and Shannon chuckled, a mother of four who had just orchestrated the family move to Southern California not about to be rattled.

In fact, I'd feel a lot better the next time a decision has to be made to go for it or kick the long field goal if Shannon was the one making it.

But right now there are far more important things to accomplish, money to be raised and kids to be helped.

She has already identified 40 local youngsters in need and will bring them to Saturday's UCLA football practice to listen to her husband talk.

I suggested the youngsters have probably suffered enough, but Shannon had already moved on to talking about the May 20 golf tournament at Riviera Country Club.

"There's nothing funner," she said, and I know what it's like to correct a Mora so I let it go. "I'm not big on the whole fuss made over celebrities, but it provides a platform to help others by raising money."

Shannon's sister, Whittney, has Down syndrome.

"I grew up in a house with a special-needs person, but that was my sister and it's the way we lived," she said. "There was a certain normalcy to it.

"I liked Special Olympics but not because Whittney was different, but because, wow, she got a chance to do things that other people did. Now we have the chance to help other kids feel the same way."

She said everyone is invited to help at countonmefoundation.org, including USC fans. After all, they are usually richer.

"I have met some really nice USC fans," she said. "There are no boundaries when it comes to helping children."

The golf tournament is sold out, but she said, "for $1,000 a company can be a tee sponsor, which will let folks know they want to make a difference in someone's life."

Golfers will also have the opportunity to win Jim Mora autographed footballs. In addition to the consolation prizes, I'll try to find out what the winners receive.


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