Angels are unraveling, but why should anyone care? It's baseball

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A couple of friends went to one of the Angels-A's games and said the Angels were just going through the motions. Fewer than 10 games into the season? Or is that baseball, emotionless for the most part?

The Times' Bill Shaikin reported recently the cost to an average family to attend an Angels game jumped 34.9%, the largest increase in baseball. Is baseball really family entertainment anymore?

The Angels finished third last season; thank heavens they didn't win it all and really jack up the prices.

You'd have to be a member of the Addams Family, taking ghoulish delight in watching the A's sweep the Angels, to justify paying such an increase now.

According to the marketing report Shaikin cited, it costs $196.16 for a family of four to attend an Angels game.

I wonder if the folks who spend $196.16 to attend any of the three games against the minor league Astros this weekend will leave the stadium with their coats covering their faces to avoid the embarrassment of maybe being seen.

It costs $204.95 for a Dodgers game, but you get Nancy Bea Hefley playing the organ.

I wonder if it's going to take more than promotional giveaways to keep people interested in baseball in the future.

Friday night everyone could stay home and watch the Clippers, Lakers and Dodgers on TV.

Or, catch the series finale of "Spartacus," thereby getting a good idea of what it would be like to be Scioscia if the Angels lose to the Astros.


EVERYBODY AGREES with Don Mattingly that San Diego's Carlos Quentin is an "idiot."

But so are most who play baseball. An inside pitch whizzes over the head of Matt Kemp earlier, so everyone on the Padres knows how it works. One of them is probably going to get plunked or decked.

Then it happens, and maybe at the wrong time, as baseball strategy suggests, and maybe there is a history between Quentin and Zack Greinke.

But it's this whole notion of revenge in baseball or protecting your own to justify assault with a thrown baseball that is idiotic.


ON A bright note, kudos to the UCLA PR guy writing a statement of apology for basketball Coach Steve Alford for something Alford didn't say 11 years ago.

Tell me Alford isn't going dolt on everyone again.

If he's really apologizing — and keep in mind UCLA learned The Times was in Iowa to examine Alford's time there, including his stance on one of his players' being accused of sexual assault — why aren't his lips moving?

Isn't the essence of an apology the remorse that's attached, and isn't that best delivered unrehearsed while sitting in front of people?

This is someone who is going to lead people at UCLA?

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