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You people in San Diego need to deal better with the Chargers

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"I didn't intend to offend anyone,'' Johnston began. "But I did upset a lot of people. I feel terrible about it.''

OK, so he doesn't want to write like Page 2, which has to be a relief to owner Dean Spanos, who probably wouldn't be all that pleased to have his own PR guy writing he's a goof.

But Johnston didn't hold back when expressing disappointment with the media, folks who tweet and those who listen to sports talk radio.

Like you people, I'm surprised he never mentioned Philip Rivers.

"A few of the more recent Chargers teams have been declared dead by quacks only to awaken in good health,'' wrote Johnston.

Awaken in good health? I believe this is the organization's first acknowledgment beyond the hiring of Norv Turner that winning a Super Bowl isn't the end-all goal.

Johnston grew up in San Diego, has been a Chargers fan since he was a kid, and when he turns on the local radio he gets Lee Hamilton. If you don't feel sorry for him now, you never will.

"Look at it this way,'' Johnston wrote. "We want our loved ones to succeed, and we'll do whatever it takes to help them. But when they make mistakes, like we all do, we would never criticize or belittle them publicly.''

I can just imagine how upset you people were to be reminded Ryan Leaf was once one of your loved ones.

Johnston said he gave his blog to others to check for typos. Apparently he never asked anyone about emotion going too far. I guess there comes a time when everyone needs an editor or a colonoscopy.

"The biggest mistake I made was the way it was framed, as if coming from the PR director,'' Johnston says. "I was reacting like a fan. But I don't feel I communicated the message as well as I should have.''

How well I know that feeling.

Johnston wrote another blog to clarify his first blog because so many were upset. I might have begun the second blog this way: "You people live among us.''

Instead he wrote: "My last column sure sparked a firestorm of emotion…. As a fan of this team, I'm with you in saying this team needs to play better.''

I just hope he remembers to take credit as a Page 2 wannabe for inspiring the Chargers when they make the playoffs.

The Chargers' 10 remaining opponents are a combined 24-40; only one team, Baltimore, possesses a winning record.

The Chargers will have to really tank to miss the playoffs.

But if they do, you people in San Diego might want to take a chill pill and follow the lead of the good people of Los Angeles.

Instead of losing it when the Dodgers disappoint, they just expect as much from the Choking Dogs.

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