Lakers need to speak now to bring the peace

Team officials haven't said a word about Kobe Bryant's claims, but they need to address his concerns and assure fans.

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Bryant says he wants a winner now and not a 'long-range' plan. (Gina Ferazzi / LAT / May 2, 2007)

This city's most beloved sports storefront stands today covered in dripping eggs and nasty graffiti.

Standing outside on the street, eyes wild, mouth running, is star employee Kobe Bryant.

He is shouting into the darkened windows about lying, backstabbing and incompetence. He is screaming at the front door for someone to come outside and prove him wrong.

By now, the rest of Los Angeles is queasily gathered behind him and wondering.

Is anybody still in there?

Does anybody still own the Lakers?

Where is Jerry Buss?

Oh, yeah, that's right, he was in San Diego County, getting arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Where is heir apparent Jim Buss?

Oh, yes, he was recently on the radio publicly questioning his head coach.

Where is daughter Jeanie Buss?

Oh, of course, she was on the radio defending the head coach, who also happens to be her boyfriend.

"That place is a mess," Bryant said of the Lakers on Tuesday during a radio interview with AM 570.

Gathered queasily behind him, it's hard to argue.

The family is being attacked by its adopted son, a player they have coddled and protected through one of the biggest sports scandals in this city's history.

Yet, so far, the family, does nothing.

Jerry Buss is essentially accused of lying about the teams' rebuilding effort.

Mitch Kupchak is essentially called worthless.

The entire organization is essentially cast as untrustworthy because of a supposed media leak.

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