No. 8 Florida State rides roughshod over No. 25 Maryland

The Seminoles total 614 yards in a 63-0 rout of the Terrapins, who entered the contest 4-0.

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The score was so one-sided it looked like a paycheck game for homecoming.

The winning school totaled 614 yards to the losing team's 234 and won the first-down battle, 33-9.

So was this No.1 Alabama against winless Georgia State?

Actually, it was No. 8 Florida State over No. 25 Maryland.

The Seminoles' 63-0 win over the Terrapins in Tallahassee was the most coldblooded dissection of a turtle since your junior high biology class.

The only thing missing was formaldehyde.

And to think we all feared for Georgia State's safety as the Panthers played top-ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa?

That was mostly a low-tide effort in which the student section at Bryant-Denny Stadium lacked only one thing: students.

Alabama substituted early and often in a 45-3 win that did not come close to raising an eyebrow or covering the 55-point spread.

Florida State, favored by only 15 and a half, blindsided the oddsmakers with this midseason wake-up call.

What Jimbo Fisher's team did to a supposedly quality opponent sent shivers up the rankings at least as far as Clemson.

Maryland entered the game at 4-0, hoping to make a statement in its last season in the Atlantic Coast Conference before joining the Big Ten. Instead, it got smashed like a crab cake.

Not even Bobby Bowden's best Florida State teams ever walloped a ranked opponent so thoroughly.

In fact, Maryland tied 1997 Texas for most humiliating defeat by a ranked team in the Associated Press poll. Longhorn fans will never forget the "Rout 66" they got handed by UCLA, but at least Texas made a field goal.

Florida State's sunshine performance also solidified the Heisman Trophy credentials of first-year starting quarterback Jameis Winston, who used Maryland to increase his season numbers to 1,441 passing yards with 17 touchdowns and only two passes intercepted.

He won't side with Rice

Oh brother (but not sister), here we go.

Everyone knew the college football selection committee might be controversial, but no one anticipated trouble before the panel was officially announced.

News that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was expected to be on the committee, however, elicited immediate blowback.

David Pollack, the former Georgia player-turned-ESPN analyst, said on Saturday morning's "GameDay" show he didn't think women belonged on a committee that, starting next year, will choose the top four teams in next year's playoff.

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