Cardinal's sinful loss bad news for Pac-12, USC title hopes

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You graduated from Ohio State at the height of Big Ten powers, so you know the conference is nowhere near the level it was then when Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler roamed the Earth.

And what a No. 1 Ohio State team you had in 1975 before having it all go "poof" in the Rose Bowl against a gutty little UCLA team you crushed, 41-20, early in the season.

OK, I'm sorry. That's hitting below the rust belt!

Q: If you rank any Big Ten team this week, you're nuts. I can never remember the conference so pitiful. We are absolutely awful.

Nebraska the class of the conference?

Watch Purdue go to the Rose Bowl.

Joel Schechter

A: I'd love to see Purdue back in the Rose Bowl — but only if Drew Brees came back to play quarterback.

Q: I agree K-State certainly seems to be the "flavor of the month." Does their schedule set up favorably for October and November?

Michael J. Hennessey

A: Kansas State is one of the great early-season stories, but I wonder how long these guys can keep this up. Bill Snyder's Wildcats should get to 6-0 with upcoming games against Kansas and Iowa State, but then it gets tricky. Kansas State plays at West Virginia on Oct. 20 and later travels to Texas Christian and Baylor before closing the season at home against Texas.

I don't see a national title run, but another 10-3 season should earn Snyder another coach-of-the-year award.

Q: I do take umbrage with your points about Kansas State and its boring program.... Dude, I get it. You're media and want to give your readers the most controversial quote possible, but is it not refreshing to every once in a while hear an athlete, college or otherwise, speak in the first person and talk about the concept of team and not just toot his own horn?

John Maholm

A: This is going to shock you, but Chris Dufresne thinks you are right. It is refreshing to see a team come together for a collective purpose.

There's nothing worse than jocks speaking in the third person and thinking they are "all that." I used to hate "Bo knows this" and "Bo knows that" and all that "The Boz" stuff at Oklahoma.

Chris Dufresne is here to tell you it's more than Chris Dufresne that puts this mailbag together every Friday. It would not be possible without the diligent effort of you, the letter contributors, not to mention copy editors, designers and headline writers. And all the other people out there, like Al Gore, who made the Internet possible.

Chris Dufresne thanks you.

Q: What is a lucky shutout? Any such thing as an unlucky shutout?


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