Teel Time: ACC, Notre Dame end long courtship with partial membership for Irish

While Notre Dame will maintain its football independence with ACC membership, the Irish will play five league games each season on a rotating basis.

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Some quick updates after news conference:

*Notre Dame will be part of ACC"s bowl tie-ins below the Orange Bowl. Irish could play ACC champ in Orange.

* ACC will keep its ESPN football money, Notre Dame will retain its NBC football windfall. Irish will receive one-fifteenth of conference basketball TV revenue. Hoops accounts for only 20 percent of TV money, football 80 percent.

* Swofford said there is no intention of adding a 16th member, which makes perfect sense. A 15th football school would imbalance divisions.

* Irish will play five ACC teams annually in football, three home and two away one year, two home and three away the next.

* When Notre Dame joins ACC hinges on negotiations with Big East. Irish would like 2013-14. May cost 'em.

* Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick calls the move "financially neutral" for school.