Jason and Jennifer Van Der Woodsen

Jason and Jennifer Van Der Woodsen (Joe Fudge, Daily Press / June 25, 2014)

JAMES CITY — Part of the period clothing for "Ithaca," a movie starring and directed by Meg Ryan that will soon begin filming in Richmond, is coming from a Toano antique store.

Jennifer Van Der Woodsen, co-owner of Everything Vintage, said a costume designer for the movie came to the store recently to buy and rent clothing. She left with six vintage dresses, packages of unopened 1940s women's hosiery and men's socks.

"They also rented some overalls and some dresses from my private collection," Van Der Woodsen said.

"They have some really cool pieces. One of the sets of overalls had literally, totally been worn out and patched up. You could see the person's life in them," Van Der Woodsen said.

This isn't the first time movie crews have paid a visit to the store, which Van Der Woodsen and her husband, Jason, opened about three years ago.

"When they were making 'Lincoln' in Richmond, they came looking for very old items. I think they rented an old basket that we had," she said.

She wouldn't mind more such business.

"Well, they are making more films now on the East Coast," she said.

Despite the fact that Van Der Woodsen says she "sees more people from Richmond" than locals, Gazette readers voted Everything Vintage as the area's best antique store last year.

The store features vintage clothes, gas pumps, signs and furniture, among other items.

"Ithaca" is promoted as a "Word War II coming-of-age saga about life on the homefront."

It is Ryan's directorial debut. What has created the most noise about the film is the possibility that it will reunite Ryan and Tom Hanks. The pair costarred in "Joe Versus the Volcano," "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail." Hank's production company is producing the movie. If he appears, it will be in a cameo role.

"Ithaca" also stars Sam Shepard and Melanie Griffith.