Not every gift you give as part of your holiday celebration has to come pre-made from a store. Some of the most enjoyed gifts are those that you make right in your kitchen. With just a little time and care, you can easily make gifts that your gift recipients can enjoy meal after meal.

When making food gifts, safety and presentation is important. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry all containers. Airtight containers will keep mixtures fresh longer. Decorate the container, be it a jar, tin, or plastic bowl. Consider including measuring spoons with spice gifts, and always include the recipe detailing how you made the gift.

Spice mixtures, seasonings, and infused oils are perfect gifts as they last longer than a batch of baked goods and they can really help a person bring variety to their typical meals. Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to preparing healthy dishes.

Making homemade spice mixtures allows for the flavoring of food without the added sodium, coloring, and preservatives. For the spice recipes below, you may double, triple, or quadruple the recipes. Make sure to mix all the dried ingredients before placing in your individual gift containers.

Gingerbread Spice

1.4 tbs. cinnamon

2.2 1/2 tbs. ground ginger

3.2 tbs. allspice

4.2 tbs. nutmeg

5.2 tbs. ground cloves

Italian Seasoning

1.4 tbs. dried basil

2.3 tbs. garlic powder

3.2 tbs. dried oregano

4.2 tbs. dried thyme

5.2 tbs. dried rosemary

6.2 tbs. dried parsley

7.1 tbs. crushed red pepper flakes (To make it zesty if you prefer)

Creole Seasoning

1.4 tbs. paprika