9/25 Letter to the Editor: Tea Party leader endorses Libertarian candidate for governor

11:42 AM EDT, September 26, 2013


To the Editor:

As a long time leader in the Tea Party, I would like to announce my endorsement of Rob Sarvis, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor.

Sarvis has clearly demonstrated his intellect and integrity with his stated adherence to Constitutional principles. Neither of the two mainstream political parties have the will or courage to address the major problems facing Virginia.

Republicans have had almost total control of the state for four years, and what besides massive tax increases and increased spending do we have to show for it?

Conservatives have blindly given their loyalty every election cycle to the Republican party and short of platitudes and campaign slogans we have little progress to show for that allegiance.

Unless and until the crony capitalist ties that both political parties are beholden to are broken nothing will change, we saw that very clearly in this administration of McDonnell's. Sarvis is not a part of that dysfunctional system, he can clearly enunciate specifically just what remedies he would pursue, something that neither of the other two candidates seem inclined to do.

The mudfest this campaign has become should be an embarrassment to all Virginians. Conservatives need to be honest with themselves and ask just one question…..when do you walk away from the "less of two evils" mentality ? For me that time has come.

Bob Shannon

King William Tea Party