9/4 Letter to the Editor: An achievement in King & Queen County

12:28 PM EDT, September 4, 2013


To the editor:

An acknowledgment is in order for the administration and all other team members of King & Queen County, recognizing them for the accomplishment of preserving our Colonial Courthouse and the surrounding Courtyard.

Citizens, you must come to the complex and see for yourself what has been achieved by our Supervisors and other county agencies, as well as interested citizens.

The Courtyard has been made beautiful and is covered with a number of lights and supporting poles that are replicas of those used in colonial times. Old colonial bricks make up the walkway that lead from building to building.

The old trees have been cut out of the frontyard so that it will allow for a total view of the Courthouse, and all of the improvements to the headquarters of our county government.

The areas have been developed into a true masterpiece of art for our citizens, as well as visitors that may be traveling through our county.

Leland Wyatt

King & Queen County