9/11 Letter to the Editor: Put a stop to the present abuse of power in gov't


To the editor:

The framers of our Constitution were brave, intelligent and future-thinking men. Many of the best were from Virginia. Our beautifully written Constitution has served us well over the past 226 years.

This document was written when the representatives and senators of each state were farmers, businessmen, lawyers, and other trades, and not full time politicians. Today, we have the reverse. Politicians get elected and spend their time and our money trying to get reelected. The Constitution never meant for senators and congressmen to be a full time job.

With full time politicians, lifetime judges, and power-abusing presidents, it is time "we the people form a more perfect union." Fortunately our future-thinking representatives from Virginia gave us the means to accomplish this in Article Five in the Constitution.

Article Five states that the Constitution can be amended in two ways, by the House and Senate, or, "on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several states." This last one is our best chance of amending the Constitution and outing a stop to the present abuse of power.

If the governor, senators, and state legislators of the great state of Virginia will show a little leadership, as our forefathers did, and contact the other states and call for a Constitution Convocation for the purpose of amending the Constitution, even the threat of a convocation may entice the representatives in Washington to make some changes.

To the people of Virginia, let's all contact our state legislators, state senators, and governor, and demand they take responsibility and encourage other states to work together to save our country. Remember, "we the people."

Ralph White

King & Queen Courthouse