10/9 Letter to the Editor: Can you trust McAuliffe or Cuccinelli?


To the Editor:

Willing Fools or Useful Idiot depending on how you translate the Russian that has been attributed to Joseph Stalin as a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The current President, his administration and supporters have called his scandals phony. Since his first election we have seen Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Pigford, Fisker, New Black Panthers, Lightsquared, Acorn, Siga, Sebelius-Gate, Navy Seals Leakgate, Bendhazi, Dealershipgate, IRS-gate, AP-gate, Blago, Drone Killing, Project Gun Runner, Tony Rezko and Fox blocking among others I am sure that will come to light.

How do you make the scandals go away - go to war? Syria's use of gas against her people has been called the use of a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" by that country's President. Saddam Hussein did the same thing against the Kurds in Iraq. The "Willing Fools" claimed "Bush Lied about WMD". I guess the status of gas has been upgraded to "WMD" just for President Obama.

The "Willing Fools" are everywhere. Here in Virginia we just had a $6 Billion State tax increase. Almost as many Democrat legislators voted for it as did Republican legislators. The democrats screamed (while thinking "Happy Days are Here Again") and the republicans were stunned into silence (while thinking "Stabbed in the Back Again"). Either Party could have killed it by not voting for it. Have you heard any of the "Willing Fools" of either party demand the repeal of the Tax increase they claim to hate?

It seems the campaign theme for either major party's governor candidate is "My guy is not as slimy or bad as your guy". Robert Sarvis "Libertarian Candidate for Governor" is the only candidate for governor talking about the issues we need to be concerned about as opposed to slinging mud. He also is the only candidate with no ties or obligations to the two major parties, big business or special interest groups. You can believe him when he says "This is what I believe and will work to preserve the government our forefathers gave us".

It is time for both major parties to realize their bad actions will have a consequence. We are lucky to be able to vote for the individual per office as opposed to the party for all three offices (Gov, Lt Gov and Att. Gen.). Mr. Sarvis as Governor will provide the people's Veto needed to stop bad legislation like the $6 billion tax increase. If Mr Sarvis is wrong - then the 2 major parties can work together to make it happen. Is that not what they claim to want "Teamwork and Compromise"?

Do you trust Terry McAuliffe who is friends with President Obama and Mayor Bloomburg to protect your Second Amendment (Gun) Rights or either Terry McAuliffe or Ken Cuccinelli not to raise taxes? Can you say "Fool me Again"?


Paul Jamerson

King William