Letter: The 'Affordable Care Act' is strangling businesses and contributing to unemployment


To the editor:

This week I attended a School Board meeting with my neighbors, in solidarity with, and to show support for our bus drivers. At issue was a proposal under consideration to "outsource" or have an outside private company take over our student transportation. It was explained by a Board representative, that due to changes in the federal law, or more specifically "The Affordable Care Act", the increase in cost to provide benefits had increased to a point where this alternative had to be considered. The superintendent further explained that due to the complexities of the law, they were not even sure what the final effect would be on their employees, even at this late date.

I could not help but think when hearing all of this, that I hoped everyone in the room, would remember this moment, as yet another direct example of the far reaching effects, of this terrible law. As the "Affordable Care Act" strangles our businesses, redefines our work week to 30 hours or less, and contributes to our growing unemployment, it is my opinion that it is comparable to the worst plague ever turned upon a people. Now comes the revelation from our own intelligence agency, that parts of the enrollment software our government uses to sign up citizens for coverage, (at a cost of some $600 million dollars) was developed in Belarus, part of the Soviet Union. The report also comes with the warning that software could be "hacked" and used by an enemy against us, in a cyber attack. How much more do we need hear, until we believe that the law's effect, if not its intent, is to ruin our economic system, rob us of our ability to freely choose, and redefine our Great Nation? America was built upon the principles of freedom, initiative, and self reliance, not socialism.

At least once a week, I receive a message from some politician, asking for a donation to" help keep me in Washington," (forever and endlessly) so that we can continue our great work". My response to this is, if you voted for the "Affordable Care Act," much more of your good works will leave us looking more like Cuba, than America. Proof of this is that we now might not be able to employ even our own school bus drivers.

Mark Daniel