12/18 Editorial: Motorcycle race's lack of sound disturbance should warrant board approval

10:04 AM EST, December 18, 2013


Although earlier this year residents voiced their concerns about the first Virginia Mega Mile, this time around, no one's talking - and with good reason.

A sound test conducted during the inaugural Colonial Downs motorcycle race in August of this year revealed that there was little to no noise disturbance. In fact, the study reported that neighborhood lawnmowers and HVACs were louder than the many bikes on the dirt track.

We agree with District 3 Supervisor Jimmy Burrell, who said in April that the first Virginia Mega Mile was the true sound test. Now we know that while the neighbors' fears were valid, they were unnecessary. The sound test has literally silenced a lot of the concerns about noise levels and neighborhood disturbance.

For this reason, we encourage the New Kent County Board of Supervisors to approve Colonial Downs' Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application for the second Virginia Mega Mile.

We hope too that New Kent County residents will come to realize that the motorcycle race and its fans are essential to growing the economy in the county, and that there will be an understanding and relationship built on both sides.

Having seen the beauty and culture of New Kent County, these motorcyclists and their fans may return to the county to attend other events, visit the wineries and restaurants, or even organize new events, such as poker runs - all of which, would benefit the county.