New Kent School Board FY2014-19 CIP

As proposed, $9.52 million of New Kent School Board’s $12.3 million FY14-19 Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) will go toward preserving its oldest school in operation, New Kent Elementary School (NKES), as well as its aging bus fleet.

Over half of the $12 million NKES renovation would be spread over FY14-19. Renovations are slotted for the following designated areas in the school: yellow house, café HVAC, blue house, library/main, red house, rainbow house, and roof.

NKES is not the only school with aging materials. The HVAC and lighting fixtures at New Kent Middle School are also old and need replacement.

The CIP proposes that $2.16 million go toward replacing old buses, which could compromise safety.

The CIP proposes the following projects in FY14-15:

•George Watkins Elementary School (GWES) mobile classroom: $75,000

•Bus replacements: $390,000

•HVAC controls/fire alarm panel: $290,000

•GWES fuel tank replacement: $175,000

• GWES playground renovation: $50,000

•NKES yellow house: $960,000

•NKES Café HVAC: $100,000

•New Kent Middle School (NKMS) HVAC controls/fire alarm panel: $290,000

•NKMS lighting: $70,000

•One-to-One Learning (Technology): $497,500

Several projects, including a $28 million new elementary school, and renovations to the tennis courts and press box, have been pushed to FY19-20 and beyond.

The CIP was presented Monday night at the School Board work session. It will be reviewed and voted on by both the New Kent Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.