New Kent County applies for $325,000 grant for new park and ride facility

By Amy Jo Martin, amartin@tidewaterreview.com

6:05 PM EST, December 16, 2013


NEW KENT – A new park and ride location may be coming to Poindexter Road in New Kent County.

County Administrator Rodney Hathaway recently sent a Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) grant application to the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Richmond for a new $325,000 park and ride facility on Poindexter Road (Route 604).

The proposed property, located a half-mile from I-64 (Exit 214: Providence Forge), currently houses the county’s public utilities office and is being used as an informal park and ride facility, Hathaway said.

If the grant is approved, the project would most likely start in June 2014 and be completed six months later in December, said Hathaway.

County residents currently have access to two local park and ride facilities, one near Exit 205 (Bottom’s Bridge) in Quinton and another in Toano, near Exit 227 (West Point).

“Both of those lots are at full capacity… and through New Kent County there is a 22-mile gap where [there are] no facilities,” said Hathaway, who added that residents have been asking for more park and ride facilities.

“Most of New Kent County is the ‘doughnut hole’ of the I-64 park and ride map, where service isn’t provided, and yet there is a great need,” he said.

According to Hathaway, the proposed Poindexter Road park and ride site will serve the community well because it is “centrally located between the Peninsula and Richmond areas and will be utilized by commuters traveling in both directions.”

He added that the proposed park and ride facility will remove at least 60 vehicles from I-64 during the peak commuting hours, which will have a positive impact on air quality.

The county expects to hear back about RSTP grant in February or March of next year. If the grant is approved, the county will begin the engineering and permitting process.

“There is definitely a need and we hope that we can offer more opportunities for our residents to utilize share vans and carpooling,” said Hathaway.

“The one facility probably won’t solve the problem completely but it will definitely help.”

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