9/11 Letter to the Editor: West Point should be allowed to break away from King William County


To the editor:

The law reads that a Town must have 5,000 citizens before it can break away from a county. This law was made many years ago and has now become antiquated in my opinion.

West Point has approximately 3,400 citizens and should be allowed to break away from King William County if they can support themselves.

If the Town officials agree that the Town can support itself, West Point should have an election of its citizens and landowners to see if they want to break away from King William County. I'm certain the vote will prove they do from the many citizens I have talked to and the actions of the citizens at the King William Courthouse recently.

All the citizens are completely fed up with King William County and its taxes. King William County could cause citizens of West Point to lose their homes.

The mayor and Town Council should send a letter to each member of the General Assembly at the proper time giving them the results of the vote and stating the Town is able to support itself without any help from King William County, and ask the General Assembly to give West Point its complete freedom from King William County.

They have New Kent, King & Queen, and even King William if they wanted to bid to dump their garbage, state-approved outside contractors to fix their roads, and can put out bids for anything the Town cannot do itself.

King William should have no objections unless they want to put their arms into West Point's pockets.

Citizens of West Point, please speak to all citizens and ask them to speak to the mayor and Town Council about breaking away from King William County completely; no ties whatsoever. This will save you many a dollar and keep people from losing their homes. How many people had financial problems when King William tripled their taxes? Quite a few, I understand. So please, let's put this behind West Point and get on with the future. You don't need your taxes tripled again.

Capt. William C. Robins, USMM retired

West Point native and current West Point landowner and business owner