Land needed for annual bird survey to be held in King & Queen

KING & QUEEN – Birders across Virginia will soon participate in a nearly 40-year-old tradition and this time it will take place locally.

The Virginia Society of Ornithology (VSO) is hosting its annual foray to survey birds in different parts of the Commonwealth. The 2014 foray is taking place in King and Queen and Middlesex counties.

“The purpose of the foray is to get a broad view of how the birds of Virginia are doing,” said Susan Brown, VSO foray coordinator.

Brown explained that the foray records what birds are present and looks for evidence that they are breeding.

The information is important to the scientific community and also for conservation planning, Brown added.

The foray will take place June 7-15, and organizers are hoping private landowners in the two counties will be willing to provide property to survey the birds.

“If you live in one of these counties, you can help,” Brown said. “The VSO would greatly appreciate having access to private land that can't be adequately surveyed from the road.”

VSO is a state organization devoted to the study and enjoyment of Virginia birds and to the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources. It is the parent organization for over 30 bird clubs that are scattered around the state.

Interested in providing the use of your property for the annual foray? Or joining the survey as an individual or group? Contact Susan Brown at or call 757-665-4365.