A list of Gauthier Vineyard wines

1:44 PM EST, February 18, 2014



•Chardonnay: Aged in French oak for 8 months, this wine combines the mineral qualities chardonnay is known for with the butter and vanilla flavors from aging in oak. This wine can pair with so many foods it is worth experimenting with meats and vegetable dishes. One of the most popular white wines in the world.

•Riesling: Notable citrus flavors with the right amount of acidity and sweetness make this wine the perfect pair with shellfish, chicken, or spicy Asian dishes. . Always a favorite.

•Traminette: This is one of the few wines that has a floral character. Can you smell the hint of roses? Made in an off-dry style, with crisp acidity. This is an excellent aperitif wine that should be served well chilled. Perfect for pairings with shellfish, seafood or Asian cuisine.

•Viognier: Aged in French oak for 8 months, this vintage has complex tropical aromas of melon and apricot, and subtle butter. It will age well, but is best enjoyed now.

•LaFayette's Reserve: This wine is 100 % Viognier aged in new French oak for 10 months. Peach aromas and flavors, which are unusual in Viognier, make this a special wine. The wine has 17% alcohol and is perfect with deserts such as cheesecake and torts.



•Cabernet Franc: One of the true Cabernet varieties, the wine is known for its fruit and spice flavors. Dark fruit flavors may resemble black cherry and raspberry, which allow for a diversity of food pairings. Spice aromas and flavors may resemble clove and anise. Cabernet Franc works well as a blending wine with Cabernet Sauvignon, or by itself. Very ripe vintages will produce leather and tobacco aromas and flavors.

•Chambourcin: Smokey and earthy aromas with a hint of spice and noticeable fruit flavors are evident as this grape expresses the mineral qualities of the soil better than most grapes. The rich color and red fruit flavors make this a favorite with pasta dishes.

•Rochambeau's Starboard: A port style wine that is full-bodied and rich. Aged one year in French Oak and one year in 4-year bourbon barrels. Excellent with blue cheeses and chocolate.

•Petit Verdot: Commonly used in our blends, it expresses dark fruit, leather, and subtle spice. It is a wine that will age 5-10 years, but is enjoyable while it is young if paired with red meats, and hearty stews.

•Red Wine Blend: Cabernet Franc (60%), Petite Verdot (20%), and Chambourcin (20%) come together to make this full-bodied wine. Spice, tobacco, and dark fruit are present in the aromas and flavors. A long lasting finish make this very enjoyable with red meat and stews.

•Syrah / Shiraz: There are two basic styles of Syrah, cool weather and warm weather. Cool weather, which is typical of the grapes grown in France, produce elegant berry and black pepper aromas and flavors. Syrah grown in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia reflect the French style as the climates of the Shenandoah Valley and the Rhone Valley in France can be similar. This is a wonderful wine to pair with blackened fish and red meats, which bring out the black and white pepper character of Syrah.