History, Graphic Design teachers collaborate on project

6:44 PM EST, November 21, 2013


KING WILLIAM – In Graphic Design I, Mr. Snider tries to stretch the boundaries with the types of projects that his classes create. When World History teacher, Mr. Leid, approached Mr. Snider with a project idea, he had to immediately accept. Mr. Leid had a great plan in mind; he wanted his World History II students to develop an idea for a movie plot based on a specific event that they studied in the first nine weeks of class. His students came up with a plot summary using historical facts and Hollywood exaggeration, as well as a list of cast members made up of current actors and actresses, and finally, the title of the movie. Mr. Leid asked if Mr. Snider's Graphic Design I students could bring these ideas to life in the form of a DVD cover.

This was a perfect transition for his Graphic Design I students, since they were just finishing up a movie poster project. Mr. Leid and Mr. Snider came up with a date for their students to pair up and complete this task together. Graphic Design I students saw the World History II students as clients; they focused on working as a team to help please the clients to meet their expectations.

Mr. Snider commented, "I was amazed at how the students worked together. Mr. Leid and I were blown away by the outcome of this project idea. The underlying hope for Mr. Leid and me was for the students to translate written words into visual artwork so that students with different learning styles have the chance to see the information visually."