Random Acts of Kindness brightens West Point Elementary School

A treat in one of the teacher's boxes is part of the RAK program at West Point Elementary.

WEST POINT – Staff members at West Point Elementary School have never been so excited to check their mail.

For the first time in school history, school staff is participating in a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) project, started anonymously by one of its teachers.

According to Secretary Lynne Mathis, when RAK first started at the beginning of the school year, "the recipients were going crazy guessing who could have put such an amazing free gift in their mailboxes, with no strings attached."

The community has donated many of the RAK gifts, including food, gift cards, and flowers.

"Teachers and staff have enjoyed finding these goodies and then planning on what they would pass on," said Mathis.

"I was given a McDonald's gift card and it sure came in handy coming home from the beach with no money and starving."

Though the RAK project was first started for WPES staff, recently, the students have followed suit, and the participants have have expressed the desire to see RAK spread among the community.

Select students have helped create gifts for teachers, staff, and their peers. Throughout the past few weeks, these secret students have been giving headbands, bracelets and notes to their classmates by placing them in bookbags and lockers.

The timing couldn't be better, said Mathis.

"The school has been stressing how to be courteous to one another, and how to think of other people. This RAK project is a perfect example of how wre are bringing that lesson to life," she said.

"RAK really gives a lift to the person finding a surprise."

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