Maidstone purchased, buyer has $22 million development plan

Despite its lofty vision and over $9 million invested by Crump, however, the village struggled to find homebuyers and businesses, and therefore, experienced a lack of funds to complete the project.

Colonial Virginia Bank, one of the project's major lenders, foreclosed on the residential section of Maidstone in August 2011.

Crump filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2011 in order stop a foreclosure by Essex Bank on the commercial portion of Maidstone, but asked in January 2012 that the bankruptcy be dismissed, so that he could work out a deal with creditors.

Essex Bank purchased the commercial portion of Maidstone in March 2012 for $1.7 million.

EVB Bank, another of the project's three major lenders, foreclosed on Preservation Park the following month.

Since then, the New Kent Village has mostly been deserted.

Five of the eight commercial buildings in Maidstone remain unoccupied. They once held Colonial Virginia Bank, deli/marketplace, pharmacy, and doctors offices.

Today, only four businesses remain active in Maidstone: Maidstone Dental, New Kent Insurance Agency, Stay & Play Child Care, and Active Life Fitness Center.

Three calls to Adamson were not returned as of press time Tuesday.

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