New Kent to participate in earthquake ShakeOut drill

An earthquake hit Virginia on August 23, 2011, which was felt all over the country.

—Extra medications (including over-the-counter and prescription), and medical supplies, such as a nebulizers, hearing aid batteries, blood glucose testers, etc.

—Medical information and medication list

—Emergency contact information

—Communication supplies

—Flashlight with extra batteries

—A radio with extra batteries (consider a NOAA weather radio)

—Extra cash

—Pair of heavy gloves

—Extra pair of clothes

—Hygiene supplies

First aid kit

—Face mask to protect from dust and debris

—Copy of a recent color photo or I.D. card and utility bill (for proof of address)

—Service animals and pet supplies, including: license and ID tags, vet records, extra food, water and feeding bowls, harness and/or leash.


The Earthquake Country Alliance also recommends attaching a "Go Bag," to your bedpost or bed frame. The "Go Bag" would include: flashlight, batteries, sturdy closed-toed shoes, heavy gloves, a whistle or noisemaker, and your emergency information.

Wherever you are on Thursday at 10:17 a.m., Drop, Cover, and Hold On, and consider the earthquake safety guidelines and the best way for you to get to safety.

By practicing the drill and by preparing an emergency family safety plan, you and your family will have a better chance of being unharmed when an earthquake unexpectedly hits your town.

Visit: for more information on securing your home or office before an earthquake.

For more information on earthquake safety, visit:

Information courtesy Earthquake Country Alliance

Martin can be reached by phone at 804-885-0040.