New Kent Education Foundation awards over $17,000 in instructional grants

•Listening to Learn - $65.70

•Reading Express - $749

•Close Reading: Take a Closer Look - $631.40

Total donation to GWES projects: $2,637.34

New Kent Middle School:

•The Spine Crackers: A Grade-Wide Reading Book Club Initiative - $545.05

•Pen & Ink Whimsical Trees and Pen & Ink Watercolor Mixed Media Animal Studies - $454

•Algebra I for Va. End of Course Algebra I - $485.51

•Math 8 SOL Coach Bopoks and ACtivSlate60 - $350

•NKMS Jazz Band - $500

Lego Robotics Club - $390

Total donations to NKMS projects: $2,724.56

New Kent High School:

•Supplies for Chemistry Classroom - $793

•Reading Across the Curriculum - $92.67

•NKHS Science Department - $332.50

•Vegetable/Herb Garden Plot - $772.20

•Digitizing Photography I - $750

•Tchoukball for All - $500

Total donations to NKHS projects: $3,240.37

The New Kent Education Foundation's mission it to "channel the community's resources to promote and enhance educational opportunities for the students and staff of New Kent Schools."

Next week, the Tidewater Review will take an in-depth look into several of the grant programs and how they will benefit teachers and students.

Martin can be reached by phone at 804-885-0040.