Consider adopting a shelter animal this month

Both RAS and NKAS are also currently accepting monetary donations and pet supply donations, such as washable rugs, dog biscuits and treats (natural, without dyes), bleach, rolled paper towels, pet carriers, dishwashing detergent, clay kitty litter, washable cat and dog toys, towels, sheets and pillow cases, blankets (not stuffed, quilted, or electric), collars and leashes, and much more.

Please contact the shelters about donations.

Aside from animal shelters, citizens are also encouraged to consider adopting pets through local humane societies and organizations, which often receive the shelters' overflow.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, without these organizations, some shelters/pounds would be forced to euthanize animals.

There are two humane societies in the area, New Kent Humane Society (NKHS), Indian Rivers Humane Society (IRHS), as well a cat organization, 4 Paws (formerly the Cat Care Alliance).

•New Kent Humane Society: NKHS was established in January 2009 to address the growing number of homeless animals in New Kent County.

The humane society assists in the placement of animals from the New Kent County Animal Shelter, and does not accept owner-surrendered animals, except in extreme cases.

To help control the pet population, all of the adoptable animals at the New Kent Humane Society are spayed/neutered. At the time of spay/neutering, the dogs are micro-chipped and provided with a collar.

The pets are also fully vaccinated, groomed, and treated for intestinal parasites, as well as tested and treated for certain diseases.

The adoption fees vary, depending on the animal.

The adoptable pets can be found on the New Kent Humane Society website,

The online adoption applications are also available on the site.

New Kent Humane Society can be reached at: (804) 966-7105 or

•Indian Rivers Humane Society: IRHS was established in 1996, serving King William, King & Queen, and Essex counties.

According to IRHS volunteer Jeanne Smith, the humane society was developed after King William County citizens raised concern about the large amount of abandoned hunting dogs, cats and other dogs being dropped off on county roads, and the preventable production of many unwanted puppies and kittens.

Residents are encouraged go to the IRHS website,, and browse the animals available for adoption. The humane society is also looking for fosters, donors, and sponsors.

The adoption application can also be found on the IRHS site.

For more information, please contact IRHS at: (804) 885-3109 or

•4 Paws (formerly Cat Care Alliance): 4 Paws was established 2 1/2 years ago to "actively implement a stray/ feral cat spay and neuter and return program in the Town of West Point," according to one of the organization's founders, Lynda Weaver.

Since its inception, 4 Paws, a committee of IRHS, has started spaying and neutering stray and feral cats out in the counties they serve, as long as the person agrees to take back the cats and feed and care for them.