Jackass Flats applying for mini-storage facility in New Kent County

A rough drawing showing the proposed storage facility was submitted to the county.

NEW KENT – A mini-storage facility could be coming to Lanexa.

Jackass Flats, LLC, has applied for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a mini-storage facility in Lanexa, off of Route 60 and Rockahock Road.

Applicant Monte Brown is proposing to build 40 self-storage units, as well as dry storage for boats and RVs on 3201 and 13208 Rockahock Road.

Brown intends to build on a four-acre parcel zoned commercial, which has two existing buildings, once used for short-term residential rental and store frontage. Brown also intends on clearing an undeveloped 2.75-acre parcel.

According to Brown, the Lanexa mini-storage project would be done in three phases.

"The first stage would be addressing the existing buildings and modifications of them. The main building, building one, is the two-story building constructed of cinderblocks on a slab foundation," Brown told Commissioners Monday night. "The interior will be gutted."

Forty self-storage units would be built on the western side of building one, and management offices on the east side.

"The second building, which is single story, would be completely gutted and then modified to the individual sub-storage units," said Brown.

During phase two, the undeveloped acres of cutover land will be developed for any additional storage units, including trailers campers, boats, etc. Although a total of 300 units could be located on the 2.75-acre parcel, Brown insisted that he has no intention of building that many units on that property.

"Our intention isn't to go that high. We're looking at more about half that, about 150, leaving a large portion of that property for boat and camper storage," Brown said.

The project's final stage would be to construct additional storage units as demanded, he added.

According to Planning Manager Kelli Le Duc, the public will soon have the opportunity to speak out on the proposed mini-storage facility.

"It's still early on in the process. The public hearing probably won't be until next month or the month after," she said.

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