West Point Elementary is 'Too Good for Drugs'


WEST POINT – The students at West Point Elementary School have been busy this school year doing all sorts of things; learning how to tell time in Kindergarten, mastering test-taking strategies in third grade, and creating some of the most beautiful seascapes in fifth grade science class you have ever seen.

But every grade level also gets the opportunity to meet with someone else; someone new to WPES this year, Mrs. Kosmowski, or "Mrs. K" as most kids call her. Mrs. K is the school's new counselor and she's focusing on a program called "Too Good For Drugs" this first semester of school.

The "Too Good For Drugs program is designed to reduce risky behaviors and encourage healthy behaviors related to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use. We're learning resistance strategies, effective communication skills, and healthy choice-making skills.

You've probably already seen some of these materials come home with your child. Be on the lookout because as we come to a close of the first semester, students will be graduating from the "Too Good For Drugs" program and receiving achievement awards. With the help of the friends they've met along the way like Tuggles, Carmen, and Wagner, they'll have learned how to make healthy choices for their bodies, their voices, and their friendships.