New Kent extends school day, school year to make up for snow days

NEW KENT – New Kent students will have both a longer school day and school year thanks to snow closings.

The New Kent School Board voted unanimously Thursday night to approve adding two extra days – June 16 and June 17 – to the school year. School officials previously decided that starting March 6, the school days would be extended by 10 minutes.

"Adding two instructional days in June will allow us to shift our SOL testing calendar back approximately two days," said Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Nate Collins. 

School Superintendent Dr. Robert "Rick" Richardson, Jr. added that doing so would help make up for the lost instruction time, a total of 11 days, and surpass the state minimum of 990 instructional hours.

Despite the altered schedule, senior graduation will still be held on Friday, June 13, and June 12 will be the date for the mandatory graduation rehearsal. Seniors will complete their exams on June 10, with June 11 as a make-up date.

As a result of school cancelations, March 26 will become a full instructional day and June 18 will become a teacher workday.

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