French classes learn about La Chandeleur

Lindsay Williams shows off her skills in flipping a crêpe.

WEST POINT — The French classes at West Point High School learned about "La Chandeleur," which is celebrated in February.

Originally, it was a holiday of fertility celebrated by the Celtes and the Romans in the hope of good crops and increase in livestock. It was also a celebration of the sun that was returning after a dark winter. It was then transformed into "La Chandeleur," a church holiday celebrating the day Jesus was presented at the Temple, 40 days after his birth.

To celebrate this holiday, the Romans would make crêpes, representing the return of sunshine after Winter. In France it continues to this day, as a day for eating crêpes, though the French eat crêpes regularly throughout the year. In fact, the first thing that comes to most French people's mind when they hear the word "Chandeleur" is crêpes.

After learning the history of the holiday, the French students learned how to make crêpes and celebrated the day.