NEW KENT – New Kent Parks and Recreation is excited to partner with the Bridging Communities Technical School to bring lifelong learning opportunities to adults 18 +.  The first two classes start on January 30, 2014, at the Bridging Communities campus.  The first offering is a Mobile App Development class that introduces students how to develop applications for mobile platforms, specifically Apple iOS and Google Android devices.  Students will obtain tools and introductory knowledge necessary to create applications that run on various mobile devices including Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Google's Android systems and windows phones. 

 The second class is Automotive Basic.  This course introduces students to the basics of automotive care and maintenance.  Topics include vehicle safety, maintenance, brakes, tires, fluids and electrical systems.  Students are encouraged to dress for a hands on experience. 

 Both classes are taught by experienced Bridging Communities instructors.  For more information, or to register, call New Kent Parks and Recreation, 966-8502 or register online at